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Timba Press Release 0

Timba acoustic range launches at Surface Design Show ‘Is that real wood?’ A question the Soundtect team heard frequently at the Surface Design Show th…
03 Apr 2020·5 minutes read
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Noise Pollution in Offices 1

Noise pollution is the biggest reason for stress in offices and affects productivity. See how Soundtect can help to reduce the nolise and keep the pea…
16 Mar 2020·5 minutes read
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Soundtect Launches Timba at Surface Design Show 2

Last week Soundtect exhibited at the Surface Design Show, where we featured the new TIMBA range. The response was incredible and the team are super pl…
17 Feb 2020·3 minutes read
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Roughly 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. It’s a sobering thought and finally seems to have the Government’s attention but som…
07 Feb 2020·5 minutes read

Visit us at the Surface Design Show 4

The Soundtect team will be at the Surface Design Show in Islington next month showcasing a range of our newest products together with old favourites -…
13 Dec 2019·30 sec read
Christmas Noise

Five ways to reduce sound pollution in your office this Christmas 5

Whether it’s Mariah Carey‘s All I Want for Christmas playing on repeat, the sales team coming back from boozy client lunches in high spirits or collea…
09 Dec 2019·2 min read
Girls Gossiping

Look who’s talking... 6

The chap the other side of the room shouting at NatWest down the phone. The faulty fan. The two girls from accounts gossiping in the corner about thei…
02 Dec 2019·2 min read
Mix Collective

Visit us at Manchester's Mix Design Collective 7

The Soundtect team will be at the Mix Design Collective in Manchester next week showcasing a range of products. Held at Hilton Deansgate, the Mix Desi…
29 Nov 2019·30 sec read
Hero Open Plan 2

Open-plan: the worst ever workplace trend? 8

Open-plan offices get a bad rap. They’ve been accused of being toxic, the dumbest management fad of all time, working against minority groups, damagin…
04 Nov 2019·2 min read
Hero Ocean

Turning ocean pollution into sound solution 9

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastics enter our oceans. Whether by errant plastic bags or bottles winding their way into gutters or large amounts o…
01 Oct 2019·1 min read
Freestle Baffles

How does an open plan office sound to you? 10

The working world currently seems to have a love hate relationship with open plan offices, most of which centres around noise, but the open plan offic…
12 Feb 2019·2 minutes read