Timba Press Release

03 Apr 2020

Timba acoustic range launches at Surface Design Show

‘Is that real wood?’ A question the Soundtect team heard frequently at the Surface Design Show this year, having installed a stunning feature wall made up of its new acoustic wall panels from the Freestyle Timba range.

The display featured a floor-to-ceiling section of wood-effect Pine acoustic beams in a vertical pattern, centred between two columns of large format acoustic panels in Oak and Walnut.

Wrap around design creates hyper-realistic wood look

Unlike many similar products, the striking wood grain pattern is printed on all sides of the Timba acoustic panels – even the ends and edges!

This wrap around technique enhances the look and quality of the range, providing a highly deceptive finish, which is available in a choice of six wood-effect colours: Ebony, White Oak, Pine, Oak, Walnut and Chestnut.

Superior sound absorption from up to 70% recycled material

The answer? The highly efficient acoustic felt panels are far from real wood.

Using up to 70% recycled material of post consumer content – a minimum of 50% – each sound-absorbing panel is actually a third generation product that began life as a plastic bottle, and is certified 100% recyclable. The plastic bottle is turned into an exhibition carpet, before Soundtect works its magic and manufactures the carpet into the architecturally inspired, acoustic boards seen today.

The Soundtect acoustic technology achieves a finely tuned reverberation and sound control rating of NRC 0.35 at 10mm board thickness and NRC 0.65 at 20mm, from the recycled composition.

Safe and sound absorber solution for commercial environments

The contemporary design is suited to a wide range of commercial applications that wish to improve a room’s acoustics and absorb any unwanted sound reverberation.

Whether a project requires a standout feature wall, ceiling or screen divider, or needs acoustic panels to complement the existing aesthetics of a buildings interior, Soundtect can create bespoke designs for any eco-conscious project.

To maintain its high standard for commercial projects, Soundtect continually tests its products to British and European standards for both acoustics and fire. Due to its previous state as a fireproof carpet, the Timba range boasts an EN13501, Bs1d0 fire rating, as this fireproof element is integral to the new acoustic board product and not just simply sprayed onto the surface.

If your next project is looking to achieve a high level of sound absorption, sustainability and style, discover the new Freestyle Timba range and the complete acoustic product collection online today or contact the Soundtect team.




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