Turning ocean pollution into sound solution

01 Oct 2019

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastics enter our oceans. Whether by errant plastic bags or bottles winding their way into gutters or large amounts of mismanaged plastic waste streaming from rapidly-growing economies, that’s equivalent to emptying a refuse lorry full of plastic into the ocean every minute of every day for an entire year.

Which is why when our parent company Fairtech set up its business manufacturing carpets and flooring for exhibitions, it wanted to reuse products already available. Its carpets are created from PET bottles, ensuring these plastics can have a second life. But when the exhibition finishes, the carpets are often torn up and thrown away. Fairtech saw the waste and was determined to stop it. Soundtect was born and now takes the waste carpets and carefully weaves the fibres to creates our acoustic panels. Our third-generation products use over 70% recycled polyester.

It’s this approach to the circular economy which we need to adopt throughout the built environment. Together small changes can make a big difference.

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