Sustainable, high-performing acoustic panels

Our range of products

Our acoustic panels address the complex issue of unwanted sound with performance levels up to 1.0 NRC but also add a positive design feature to your space. They can be unobtrusive and camouflaged, quietly getting on with the business of absorbing sound, or be the centre of attention and a real talking point with 12 eye-catching designs in up to 16 colours in addition to bespoke options. The design options are unusual giving designers more choice and flexibility for acoustic applications.

As a third-generation product which began life as a plastic bottle, was then turned into an exhibition carpet before we transformed it into our highly-efficient acoustic felt panels, Soundtect panels are the perfect solution for projects looking to achieve high-level of sustainability credentials. Soundtect is a key example of the circular economy. Create, reuse, refurb, recreate, refurb…

Our hypoallergenic and non-toxic products are all continually tested to British and European standards for both fire and acoustics to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality and safety. Because the original carpet fibres are already fireproof, this element is integral to the product and not simply sprayed on.

Specification Creator


Our 3D range comes in a range of colours, shapes and style to blend into the background or become a talking point while providing the highest standard of acoustic support, whatever your environment 


Manufactured from the same environmentally-friendly material as the 3D panels, the all-new Soundtect Class range is complemented by Class Above, a stunning range of baffles and rafts


Our architecturally-inspired Freestyle panels can be used to create stunning, utterly modern wall and ceiling designs in a range of colours and finishes. The contemporary design is suited to a range of commercial applications and ensures effective acoustic management, whatever the space.

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