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PRG XL Video

We helped PRG XL Video, a supplier of lighting, video and rigging to concerts and TV shows, to reduce the noise and improve acoustics in their Covent Garden office.

The business was keen not to lose the feeling of space and didn’t want the acoustic panels to detract from the office design. At the same time, they knew they needed to improve the effectiveness of the office space so people could work more productively.

With windows along the entire length of the building on both external sides, there was little room for acoustic panels to be placed on the walls especially as the inner wall had been set up for logos and internal information. At the same time, the meeting room walls were either glass, writable walls or contained art that the organisation was keen to retain. The client was also keen to keep the open plan feel of the office so partitions were not a viable option, and some of the desks were too small for desk partitions.

We added ceiling circles directly above the meeting room tables, and in the smaller meeting room used a band of Class panels to the monitor wall to create a whole wall of absorption. In the boardroom, we created a feature wall using Cubism which diffused and absorbed excessive reverberation. In the breakout area, we installed two large red circles directly above the breakout meeting table, which absorbed localised noise from people chatting and having lunch. The ceiling circles were also used in the sales area which absorbed the sound from the sales team’s calls.

In the two small quiet rooms at the back of the office – which were designed as phone pods but unusable because of the poor acoustics,  we installed two panels on opposite walls. This had the desired effect and allowed the rooms to be used again.

The result is a much more acoustically comfortable space which allows people to work effectively and productively.

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