Project. Lloyds Assurance

Lloyds Assurance

In partnership with Overbury, we supported the creation of a new space for a Lloyds Assurance at Number 1 Trinity Park in Solihull.

A brand new high specification dining and refreshment area sitting within the buildings central atrium.

A mixture of communal and small group dining areas surrounded with Soundtect acoustic panels to effectively control sound break out as well as add vibrancy to the space by co-ordinating with the rest of the fit out and Lloyds Resister branding.

The Soundtect panel design and colour ways were selected as Lloyds wished to pick up on the rectilinear theme within their brand. This theme ran through wall features such as ceramic tiling, furniture pieces and flooring systems.

A final point of note was that this creative use meant entire walls didn’t need flooding with acoustic panels in order to create a feature. The pixelated pattern that was developed enabled striking feature and acoustic benefit in an efficient manner.

3D. Cubism
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