Project. Grand Union

Grand Union

Soundtect worked with Grand Union Housing to support their consolidation from two buildings into one new head office in Milton Keynes.

Grand Union Housing have consolidated from two buildings into one new head office in Milton Keynes. They partnered with Office Principles to complete the design and fitout of the new

Grand Union wanted to create a more flexible style of working so they implemented an agile working model. They decided to remove fixed desks and accommodate a variety of work settings, so employees can choose the space in which they work and move around according to their activities, at any given time. The office has been designed to reflect the values and culture of Grand Union Housing, and offers a balance between longevity and value for money.

Office Principles worked closely with the architect to create an environment that reflects the core values of Grand Union Housing including sustainability and community. Through the use of engaging
collaboration and touchdown working zones, there has been a shift in the way that people work and the way they feel about coming to work.

Office Principles wanted an understated calm approach to addressing the potential reverberation from all the hard services in the building. Our Freestyle acoustic range was chosen as a simple but effective way to address acoustic issues in the meeting rooms and phone booths. In the boardroom our Class Bespoke range was used to manufacture specific size and depth hexagons to create a highly absorbent stunning ceiling feature.

Size:20,000 sq ft Location Milton Keynes Activity Housing Association

Duration: 13 weeks

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